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DIY Project Thermopol Ball 100mm


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  • Project: DIY Thermopol Ball 100mm
  • Description: Create a hands-on educational tool illustrating heat transfer using a 100mm Thermopol Ball.
  • Materials: 100mm Styrofoam ball, Thermochromic paint, Insulation materials, Craft glue, Paintbrushes, Heat source (hairdryer or heat gun)
  • Steps:
    • Apply thermochromic paint, allow to dry
    • Attach insulating materials with glue, leaving an observation window
    • Test color changes with different heat sources
    • Compare color change speed due to insulation
  • Learning:
    • Visual comprehension of heat transfer and insulation
    • Observe thermochromic paint’s temperature sensitivity
    • Encourages interactive scientific learning and creativity
  • Safety: Adult supervision for heat tools, ensure good ventilation
  • Outcome: Craft a captivating 100mm Thermopol Ball demonstrating heat flow and insulation concepts.

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DIY Project Thermopol Ball 100mm
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