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Choose our book store for our wide selection, knowledgeable staff, competitive prices, easy ordering, and community involvement. Thank you for considering us for your next book purchase!

We are the first official supplier of lahore since surving ourselves from 1974 . We deal with all Books and Stationary items that have a huge demand of it . We deal with both pakistani punjab boad and cambridge text books. We are the best source to provide benefits to the youth. We keep upgrading our level to be beneficial for the young generation.

LIAQAT BOOK STORE is the name of trust. We will now serve online to our customers with all their respective needs. Our main aim is to provide maximum satisfaction with transparency order process. The reason of coming online is to exploit the parents who come all the way cross from there workplace in search of certain products.

Who Are We?

We are the third generation to run our family business. On the bases of our elders guidelines we will keep on providing best quality to our customer satisfaction.

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Books and communities

Expert staff. Perfect books.



He is born and upbring in Pasroor village. Love to travel from one place to another and then  came in a big city name LAHORE. He at first start his combine business of General store and a Book store. With a passage of time the demand of book store increases and therefore he decided to continue with stationary items only. He became an official supplier of the big city and become a central point. National and internationl school launch the syllabus content in perspective to buy from LIAQAT Book store only. This is the beginning of business future

He is a soft hearted and a humble person. His attributes intitle others to be there friendly customers and dealers. He use to make easy ways for others for the welfare of the humanity.



LIAQAT he is the elder son of MUHAMMAD SADIQUE. At first he had a combine shop name by Liaqat book depot and general store. With the passage of time the demand increase and so M.saddique decided to sub divide the unit.    

Therefore Muhammad Sadique divided the responsibility of the two shops among his elder son and younger son. Then the duty of convenience store were deal by MUHAMMAD LAIQAT  



Khalid is the youngest son of M. Saddique .And the book depot were deal by MUHAMMAD KHALID .

 Since 1985 till 2000 the shop was look after by MR. LIAQAT.

Furthermore the demand keep on increasing with the passage of time and then MUHAMMAD SADDIQUE share the shop with his young son MUHAMMAD KHALID in order to divide the time in to two Shops Liaqat in Gernal Store and Khalid in Bookstore.Khalid was small so that why M.Saddique decided to take Khalid with him.

Both continue the family business and make the shop more profitable. They divided the time in order to facilitate the customers and dealers from early morning till late night.

The shop timming make life easier of parents, From Labor to an employee, Ceo to ordinary person each one among them got facilitate and continue to do so, Due to there dedicated timming the business expand rapidly. They keep on increasing the variety and the customers demand in order to keep the brand existence.



As being the part of third generation in the family business he want’s to pursue the business.

Watching how they help the people to be facilitate from there services, he now wanted to make this go further. In today’s busy life routine parents face hardships to manage work and home as well as to buy day to day books and stationary stuff, so in order to make life easier he thought to bring this Business online.

Furthermore life is almost relay on technology now a days people spend more time on online shopping and get easy access to it. Whereas somethings are time consuming to search out such as literature or law text books, Online shopping make this faster and easier to find out on this platform. He also wants to export this business for future.

Moeed Khalid Liaqat Book Depot

Our Team

A team is a group of people who work together towards a common goal. Effective teams have clear communication, respect, trust, and accountability. They can increase productivity, improve decision-making, and foster a sense of belonging. Building and maintaining an effective team requires strong leadership skills.
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