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The privacy policy of Liaqat Book Depot is taken very seriously. All the information of customers are kept confidential and is not disclosed to anyone.

The email and contact details provided by the customers are encrypted by our websites’ SSL certificate hence; it is inaccessible to any other person.

Debit/ Credit card details provided by the customers are also encrypted through our SSL along with padlock certification method, making it out of access range of any other person whether staff or someone else.

Our website does not accept any cookies. Plus, our website also supports TSL verification method.

Like any other website, uses ‘cookies’. These cookies are used to store information including visitors’ preferences, and the pages on the website that the visitor accessed or visited. The information is used to optimize the users’ experience by customizing our web page content based on visitors’ browser type and/or other information.

For User tracking we use Google analytics to see how user land on our website to make our website better for user.

We do not share customer data with third-party companies or individuals for marketing purposes. We may share customer data with third parties, such as shipping providers, payment processors, or regulatory authorities, but we only do so when necessary to fulfill orders, process payments, or comply with legal requirements.

To ensure that our customers are always aware of our privacy policies and practices, we include a link to our privacy policy on every page of our website. Our privacy policy is written in clear and concise language, and we encourage our customers to read it thoroughly before providing any personal information on our website.

At Liaqat Book Depot, we understand that our customers trust us with their personal information, and we take that trust very seriously. We will continue to make every effort to protect our customers’ data and maintain their privacy at all times.

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