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Calligraphy Joseph Gillott Mapping Nibs Set


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  • Premium Quality: The set includes high-quality Joseph Gillott mapping nibs known for their precision and durability.
  • Multiple Nib Styles: Contains a variety of nib styles, including fine, medium, and broad points, offering versatility for calligraphy and mapping projects.
  • Exceptional Control: These nibs provide excellent control over ink flow, allowing for detailed and intricate work.
  • Ideal for Cartography: Specifically designed for map-making and fine line work, making them a preferred choice among cartographers and illustrators.
  • Consistent Performance: Joseph Gillott nibs are renowned for their consistent and reliable performance, ensuring clean and precise lines.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with various inks, including drawing ink, calligraphy ink, and watercolors, for diverse artistic applications.
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Calligraphy Joseph Gillott Mapping Nibs Set
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