• Vibrant Range: The Mercury Colour Markers Set offers a collection of vivid and striking colors, providing a versatile palette for artistic endeavors.
  • Smooth Application: These markers glide smoothly on paper, ensuring consistent color laydown without streaks or smudges.
  • Dual Tips: Each marker features a dual-tip design with both a fine point and a broad chisel tip, allowing for various line widths and creative effects.
  • Blendable Inks: The markers’ blendable inks enable artists to create gradients and smooth transitions between colors, adding depth to their artwork.
  • Fast-Drying: The quick-drying ink minimizes the risk of smudging, enabling efficient layering and coloring techniques.
  • Durable Build: Crafted with quality materials, these markers are designed to withstand prolonged use and maintain their performance.
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Mercury Colour Markers Set
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